Check out Leiden at its best

Leiden is also known as ‘city of museum’ and that is not just a moniker if you consider how many museums there are in Leiden. And virtually all of them are within walking distance. For instance, the Museum De Lakenhal where you can discover many works of the old masters and can gain in-depth knowledge about the history of the city.

The state-of-the-art natural sciences museum Naturalis, a children’s favourite, is also a veritable experience. In the National Museum of Antiquities and National Museum of Ethnology you can also spend hours just wandering. We also recommend a lovely walk through the Hortus Botanicus with its special greenhouses, Clusius garden and its exclusive plants and trees. And that is just a selection from the many options out there...

Get some more information about Leiden museums from your hotel or tourist information agency VVV.